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 Answer and Parody Records     

  Issue No. 4   January 2, 2009




Since the early days of collecting, I have focused my efforts in obtaining specific types of music including "monster" novelties, Christmas novelties, "second tier" pop hits and miscellaneous novelties. 

From the latter came an unexpected "offshoot" of these; a type of music which we refer to as "answer" songs. While evaluating my already massive collection of clean 45's sometime in the late 70's, I discovered that a considerable number of my treasures had a common thread. That thread was answer, or parody songs. 

As a result, I made a conscience effort to acquire more of these interesting songs, and started researching this brand of music further. To my surprise, there were literally thousands of this type of novelty and my interest blossomed tenfold. During the last 20 years or so, I have actively sought out many titles on my ever-growing want list, and boast a considerable number of this unique style of songs. Although it should be quite obvious, there are actually two types of "answer" songs. True "answer" songs, as the name would imply, are a direct answerback to a pop hit. 

On the other hand, "parody" songs attempt to "poke fun" at a hit. Several examples of common "answer" songs include Jeanne Blacks classic "He'll Have To Stay", a reply to Jim Reeves monster hit "He'll Have To Go", Jody Miller's "Queen Of The House", in response to Roger Miller's standard "King Of The Road", and Thelma Carpenter's "Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight", an answer to Elvis' "Are You Lonesome Tonight". 

Some examples of "parody" songs would be Homer & Jethros "The Battle Of Kookamonga", poking fun of Johnny Horton's "The Battle Of New Orleans", Sandra Gould's "Hello Melvin This Is Mama", making light of Allan Sherman's novelty smash "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah", and The Romeos hilarious "The Tiger's Wide Awake" from The Tokens "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". While the majority of answer songs are recorded by a group/artist other than the original, some originate from the same source. 

Examples of this would be Lesley Gore's "Judy's Turn To Cry" which is her follow up to "It's My Party". Bobby Lewis notched a #1 hit with "Tossin' And Turnin" in 1961, and tried to recapture the magic with "I'm Tossin' And Turnin' Again" a year later. 

Unfortunately, his follow up paled in comparison and barely managed to make the charts a year later. It has often been said that sequels often fail to reap the success of the original, and this is certainly true with answer songs. 

Most answer songs find only minimal success on the charts, yet they still serve a useful purpose in the rock and roll scheme of things. While many answer songs are marginal and easily forgettable, I have discovered many interesting gems along the way. 

Later postings will reveal some of my personal favorites with detailed discussion. For now, though, I just wanted to set the stage for anyone with even a lukewarm interest in this topic. 

I am also attaching (partial) listing of some of the titles I have archived, many from clean 45's obtained at a King's ransom from E-bay and private collectors. Feel free to E-mail me with any questions on any of these or other related titles 

Answer/Parody Song Track Listing 

1) (I'm The Girl) On Wolverton Mountain-Jo Ann Campbell (Answer to "Wolverton Mountain") Cameo #249 

2) Your Boyfriend's Back-Bobby Comstock (Answer To "My Boyfriend's Back") Lawn #219 

3) My Last Date (With You)-Skeeter Davis (Answer To "Last Date") RCA #7825 

4) I'll Save The Last Dance For You-Damita Jo (Answer To "Save The Last Dance For Me") Mercury #71690 

5) Society Girl-Rag Dolls (Answer To "Rag Doll") Parkway #921 

6) Nobody But You Babe-Clarence Reid (Answer To "It's Your Thing") Alston #4574 

7) Daddy's Home-Shep & The Limelights (Answer To "A Thousand Miles Away") Hull #740 

8) We Told You Not To Marry-Titus Turner (Answer To "I'm Gonna Get Married") Glover #201 

9) Billy, I've Got To Go To Town-Geraldine Stevens (Answer To "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town") World Pacific #77972 

10) The Answer (Should I Tie A Yellow Ribbon..)-Connie Francis GSF #6901 

11) He Wore The Green Beret-Nancy Ames (Answer To "The Ballad Of The Green Berets") Epic #10003 

12) Remember Diana-Paul Anka (Answer To "Diana") RCA #8170 

13) I Shot Mr. Lee-Bobbettes (Answer To "Mr. Lee") Triple X 

14) You Threw A Lucky Punch-Gene Chandler (Answer To "You Beat Me To The Punch") Vee Jay #468 

15) Slip In Mules-Sugar Pie DeSanto (Answer to "High Heel Sneakers") Checker #1073 

16) A Change Is Gonna Come-Sam Cooke (Answer To "Blowin' In The Wind") RCA #8486 

17) Mystery Of The Tallahatchie Bridge-Roger White (Answer To "Ode To Billy Jo") Big A #103 

18) Dawn Of Correction-Spokesman (Answer To "Eve Of Destruction") Decca #31844 

19) He Cried-Shangri-Las (Answer To "She Cried") Red Bird #053 

20) I'm Tossin' And Turnin' Again-Bobby Lewis (Answer To "Tossin' And Turnin'") Beltone #2023 

21) Can't Get Over The Bossa Nova-Eydie Gorme (Answer To "Blame It On The Bossa Nove") Columbia #43082 

22) Big Bopper's Wedding-Big Bopper (Answer To "Chantilly Lace") Mercury #71375 

23) Judy's Turn To Cry-Leslie Gore (Answer To "It's My Party") Mercury #72143 

24) The Tiger's Wide Awake-Romeos (Answer/Parody of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight") Amy #840 

25) Hello Melvin (This Is Mama)-Sandra Gould (Answer to "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah") Philips #40138 

26) A Girl Named Johnny Cash-Jane Morgan (Answer To "A Boy Named Sue") RCA #9839 

27) Yes, You Can Hold My Hand-Beatlettes (Answer To "I Want To Hold Your Hand") Assault #1893 

28) Cajun Queen-Red Sovine (Answer To "Big Bad John") RCA 

29) Hey Memphis-LaVern Baker (Answer To "Little Sister") Atlantic #2119 

30) Don't Want To Be Another Good Luck Charm-Jo (Answer To "Good Luck Charm") Capitol #4745 

31) Don't Want Your Letters-Gerri Granger (Answer To "Return To Sender") Big Top #3128 

32) I Was Yours-Paulette Sisters (Answer to "You Were Mine") Ribbon #6914 

33) I Can't Find My Keys-Bet E. Martin (Answer To "She Can't Find Her Keys") Epic #9414 

34) Runaround Sue's Getting Married-Danny Jordan (Answer To "Runaround Sue") United Artists #491 

35) Come Back Maybelline-John Greer (Answer To "Maybelline") Groove #119 

36) I'm Your Rebel-Paul Thornton (Answer To "He's A Rebel") Tru-Lite #115 

37) High School Deck Of Cards-Jack Gale Sextet (Answer To "Deck Of Cards") Trojan #101 

38) You're Sorry-Bobby & Billy (Answer To "I'm Sorry") United Artists #247 

39) Duke Of Nothing-Dipsy & Doodles (Answer To "Duke Of Earl") May #134 

40) That Son Of A Saginaw Fisherman-Tex Ritter (Answer To "Saginaw, Michigan") Capitol #5159 

41) Return Of The Teenage Queen-Tommy Tucker (Answer To "Ballad Of A Teenage Queen") RCA #7838 

42) He's Not A Rebel-El Clod (Answer To "He's A Rebel") Mercury #72082 

43) Keep Off My Mountain-Cliff Adams (Answer To "Wolverton Mountain") Dot #16385 

44) I'm Back Baby-Denny Randell (Answer To "My Boyfriend's Back") Ascot #2137 

45) Wedding Of Society's Child-Troy Seals (Answer To "Society's Child") Calla #139 

46) These Spurs Are Made For Ridin'-Gene Goza (Answer To "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'") Back Beat #572 

47) I'll Never Break Your Heart-Joe Tex (Answer To "He Will Break Your Heart") Anna #1124 

48) Paula Is Mine-Tones (Answer To "Hey Paula") Elmor #6001 

49) Out Crowd-Squares (Answer To "In Crowd") Roulette #4598 

50) I Will Follow You-Jackie Kannon (Answer To "I Will Follow Him") Stage #518 

51) I've Thought About Livin'-Frankie Lee (Answer To "Let's Think About Livin'") Dore #580 

52) Don't Blame The Bossa Nova-Jackie Mason (Answer To "Blame It On The Bossa Nova") Verve #10289 

53) I Will Love You Tomorrow-Jon E. Holiday (Answer To "Will You Love Me Tomorrow") Atlantic #2091 

54) Ballad Of The Yellow Berets-Beach Bums (early Bob Seger) (Answer/parody of "Ballad Of The Green Berets") Are You Kidding Me #1010 

55) Mrs. Jones, Your Son Gives Up Too easy-Lynn and the Mersey Beats (Answer To "Mrs. Brown..Daughter") RIK #161 

56) Ringo's Revenge-Robin Garrett (Answer To "Ringo") Mutual #510 

57) Making Up Is Fun To Do-Tina Powers (Answer To "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do") Parkway #817 

58) By The Time You Get To Phoenix-Wanda Jackson (Answer To "By The Time I Get To Phoenix") Capitol #2085 

59) Midnight Joey-Ruby Wright (Answer To "Midnight Mary") Select #730 

60) Dern Ya-Ruby Wright (Answer To "Dang Me") RIK #126 

61) You Burned The Bridges-Bobbi Jean (Answer To "Burning Briidges") Sun #342 

62) Chain Gang-Sound Of My Man-Theola Kilgore(Answer To "Chain Gang") Candix #311 

63) I'm The Playboy-Pyramids (Answer To "Playboy") Cub #9112 

64) Come Back Jack-Nina Someone (Answer To "Hit The Road Jack") Colpix #614 

65) Doncha Shop Around-Laurie Davis (Answer To "Shop Around") Guaranteed #218 

66) Johnny Wait For Me-Lynn Roberts (Answer To "Wait For Me") Roulette #4320 

67) Every Time I Hear Don't Worry-Gloria Lambert (Answer To "Don't Worry") Columbia #41975 

68) Lucille's Answer-Julie Jones (Answer To "Lucille") Epic #50444 

69) Bopper 486609-Donna Dameron (Answer To "Chantilly Lace") Dart #113 

70) Poor Begonia (Caught Pneumonia)-Jeri Lynn Fraser (Answer To "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie…") Columbia #41790 

71) Sloopy's Gonna Hang On-Debs (Answer To "Hang On Sloopy") Mercury #72494 

72) Image Of A Boy-Meredith Macrae (Answer To "Image Of A Girl") Canjo #103 

73) He's About A Mover-Dottie Cambridge (Answer To "She's About A Mover") MGM #13902 

74) Play It Again-Pat Lundy (Answer To "Don't Play That Song") Toto #102 

75) Why Doncha Come Home-Shirley Rae (Answer To "Detroit City") Epic #9574 

76) Charlie Brown Got Expelled-Joe Tex (Answer To "Charlie Brown") Ace #559 

77) Susie We Goofed Again-Billy Dawn (Answer To "Wake Up Little Susie") Coed #504 

78) No More Tossin' And Turnin-Phil Flowers (Answer To "Tossin And Turnin'") Sway #903 

79) Keeps Right On A Hurtin-Joyce Smith (Answer To "It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'") Decca #31418 

80) I Know Your Heart's Not Made Of Wood-Marie Ann (Answer To Wooden Heart") Epic #9465 

81) You Don't Have A Wooden Heart-Linda Hall (Answer To "Wooden Heart") Cuca #1044 

82) You Don't Have A Wooden Heart-Bobbi Martin (Answer To "Wooden Heart") Coral #62285 

83) Little Miss Lonely-Mike Harris (Answer To "Mr. Lonely") Epic #9749 

84) Memphis Calling New York City-Carole Coby (Answer To "Memphis") Epic #9711 

85) Flight 1203-Beverly Sisters (Answer To "Ebony Eyes") Roulette #4350 

86) I Don't Talk Too Much-Martha Nelson (Answer To "You Talk Too Much") RIC #975 

87) (Hey There) Big Bad Wolf-Sham-ettes (Answer To "Little Red Riding Hood") MGM #13618 

88) Tell It Like It Was- Sonny Lane (Answer To "Tell It Like It Is") HBR #513 

89) I'll Count You In-Little Jonna Jay (Answer To "Count Me In") Jolar #1067 

90) So What If I Can't Cook-Little Alice (Answer To "My Wife Can't Cook") 4J #402 

91) Mrs. Jones ('Ow About It)-Detergents (Answer To "Mrs. Brown..Lovely Daughter) Roulette #4616 

92) The Trial Of Stagger Lee-Stella Johnson (Answer To "Stagger Lee") Concertone #250 

93) Don't Take Him Devil Woman-Sherry Scott (Answer To "Devil Woman") Mercury #72047 

94) (Never Say) Devil Woman-Judy Thomas (Answer To "Devil Woman") United Artists #518 

95) You've Lost A Good Thing-Chyvonne Scott (Answer To "You'll Lose A Good Thing") Alto #2011 

96) Go Away Little Boy-Marlene Shaw (Answer To "Go Away Little Girl") Cadet #5557 

97) I Won't Go Away Little Boy-Jennie Smith (Answer To "Go Away Little Girl") Canadian American #150 

98) I Cheated-Joyce Harris (Answer To "You Cheated") Domino #903 

99) (Let Me Wear) Your Little Band Of Gold-Ruby & Kathy King #5771 

100) Mrs. James, I'm Mrs. Brown's daughter-Connie Holiday (Answer To "Mrs. Brown…Lovely Daughter) Capitol #5447 

101) I Found My Baby-Lexingtons (Answer To "There Goes My Baby") Everest #19369 

102) Stay At Home Sue-Linda Laurie (Answer To "Runaround Sue") Rust #5042 

103) I'm Normal-Emporer Hudson (Answer To "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha..") Current #111 

104) Oh Neil-Carole King (Answer To "Oh Carole") Alpine #57 

105) I'm Sorry Now-Shields (Answer To "Who's Sorry Now") Dot 

106) Four Shy Girls-Girlfriends (Answer To "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie..") Pioneer #11853 

107) We're The Guys (Who Drive Your Baby Wild)-Bob & Jerry (Answer To "Who Put The Bomp…") Columbia #42162 

108) I Found A Job-Heartbeats (Answer To "Get A Job") Roulette #4054 

109) I Talked Too Much-Valerie Carr (Answer To "You Talk Too Much") Roulette 

110) Brother-In-Law (He's A Moocher)-Paul Peek (Answer To "Mother-In-Law") Fairlane #702 

111) Bandstand Baby-Jan and Jerry (Answer To "All American Boy") Metro #20024 

112) Alley Oop Was A Two Dab Man-Gary Paxton (Answer To "Alley Oop") Liberty #55480 

113) Tu-ber-cu-losis And Sinus Blues-Huey "Piano" Smith (Answer To "Rockin' Pneumonia…") Ace 

114) Daddy's Going Away Again-Harps (Answer To "Daddy's Home") Laurie #3239 

115) You Blew Out The Candles-Crests (Answer To "Sixteen Candles") Coral #62403 

116) Sherry Stole My XKE-Haciendas (Answer To "Sherry") Pac Challe 

117) Then I Kissed Her-Dolphins (Answer To "Then He Kissed Me") Fraternity 

118) She's A Rebel-Greg & Paul (Answer To "He's A Rebel") Ablanca #893 

119) A Second Helping Of Cherry Pie-Marvin and Johnny (Answer To "Cherry Pie") Firefly 

120) (We Like) Crew Cuts-Debs and the Escort (Answer To "Short Shorts") Josie #833 

121) An American's Answer (To Gordon Sinclair)-Charles Ashman (Answer To "Americans") Dot #17507 

122) Mother Dear, You've Got A Silly Daughter-Sharon Black (Answer To "Mrs. Brown..Daughter") Philips #40290 

123) Return Of The Big Time Spender-Cornbread and Biscuits (Answer To "Big Time Spender") Maske #802 

124) DDT And The Boll Weevil-Lyn Earlington (Answer To "Boll Weevil") Southern Sound #104 

125) His Way-Moms Mabley (Answer To "My Way") Mercury #72958 

126) We Stopped And Thought It Over-Falcons (Answer To "Stop And Think It Over") Carl #504 

127) Answer Battle Of New Orleans-Jimmie Driftwood (Answer To "Battle Of New Orleans") RCA #7571 

128) Father-In-Law-Bobby Martin (Answer To "Mother-In-Law") Twist #602 

129) Cold Cold Heart Melted-Kitty Wells (Answer To "Cold Cold Heart") Decca #28797 

130) (Mrs. Green's) Ugly Daughter-Kenneth Young (Answer/Parody of "Mrs. Brown…Lovely Daughter") Diamond #183 

131) Ahab The Arab 10 Years Later-Stan Ross (Answer To "Ahab The Arab") Reprise #20119 

132) Don't Stop The Wedding-Ann Cole (Answer To "Stop The Wedding") Roulette #4152 

133) A Girl Named Harry-Joni Credit (Answer/Parody Of "A Boy Named Sue") Happy Tiger #102 

134) Johnny Won't Run Around-Crescents (Answer To "Runaround Sue") Arlen #743 

135) Mixed Up, Shook Up Boy-Frankie Gee (Answer To "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl") Channel #101 

136) He Was Almost Persuaded-Donna Harris (Answer To "Almost persuaded") ABC #10839 

137) Got A Job-Miracles (Answer To "Get A Job") End #1016 

138) She's Sorry-Bobby Vee (Answer To "I'm Sorry") Liberty #55670 

139) You Can't Love Me (In The Midnight Hour)-Ann Mason (Answer To "Midnight Hour") Atlantic #2309 

140) Tall People-Wee Willie Small and the Little Band (Answer/Parody of "Short people") Co-Star #101 

141) Little Herbie-Skippy Rope (Answer/Parody of "Big Bad John") Octavia #8003/Calvert #206 

142) Son Of Irving-Frank Gallop (Answer To "Ballad Of Irving") Musicor #1191 

143) Tammy (I'm Falling In Love)-Fred Ellis (Answer To "Tammy") Coral #62264 

144) Italian Wallflower-Lou Monte (Answer To "Dance With Me Henry") RCA #6072 

145) Please Say Goodnight To The Guy Irene-Ziggy Talent (Answer To "Goodnight Irene") RCA #3925 

146) Harper Valley PTA Gossip-Effie Smith (Answer To "Harper Valley PTA") Eee Cee #100 

147) You've Lost That Beaver Cleaver-Birch Creek Bros. (Answer To "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling") WLPX #13176 

148) He Loves Me, He Loves Me-Vivian Roberts (Answer To "He's A Rebel") Clark #264 

149) He's A Rabbi-David Roter (Answer/Parody Of "He's A Rebel") Unknown Tongue #101 

150) He's A Yankee-Sweethearts (Answer To "He's A Rebel") Brunswick #55240 

151) Your Guy-Bobby Wells (Answer To "My Guy") Mercury #72272 

152) Stay Away From Bobby-Sherry Sisters (Answer To "Bobby's Girl") Okeh #7169 

153) Sixteen Pounds-Gloria Becker (Answer/Parody Of "Sixteen Tons" Real #1304 

154) Tom Gets The Last Laugh-Balladeers (Answer To "Tom Dooley") Del Fi #4123 

155) She's Still Talking Baby Talk-Jan & Dean (Answer To "Baby Talk") Liberty #55522 

156) Our Space Man Did Come Back-Jeff Hughes (Answer/Parody Of "My Boomerang Won't Come Back") Karen # 59 

157) Mackie Got Married-Barry Frank (Answer To "Mack The Knife") Muse #000 

158) I Stopped The Duke Of Earl-Upfronts (Answer To "Duke Of Earl") Lummtone #107 

159) I Found My Baby-Fabulous Fabulaires (Answer To "There Goes My Baby") Angeltone #539 

160) Is It True What They say About Barbara-Mike Regal & The Quotatioins (Answer To "Please Don't Ask About Barbara") Kapp #506 

161) My Ken-L-Ration-Flying Saucers (Answer/Parody Of "My Generation") Super Rare #001 

162) Tia Juana Ball-Mel Blanc (Answer To "Speedy Gonzales") Warner #5369 

163) Betty Brown-Jay hawks (Answer To "Charlie Brown") Firefly #327 

164) Leavin' Surf City-Dave & The Saints (Answer To "Surf City") Band Box #341 

165) High School Yearbook-Ray Stevens (Answer To "Deck Of Cards") NRC #031 

166) Don't Take Me Back, Oh No-Henry The IX (Answer To "They're Coming To Take Me Away..") Showcase #9810 

167) Get Off My Tulips-Caretakers (Answer To "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" Ampar #17 

168) Short Mort-Carole King (Answer To "Tall Paul") RCA #7560 

169) Thanks Mr. Florist-Four Lads (Answer To "Red Roses For A Blue Lady") United Artists #852 

170) Tacos For Two-Lalo Guerrero (Answer/Parody Of "Cocktails For Two") Real #1303 

171) Boy Watcher-Ginger Thompson (Answer To "Girl Watcher") 1-2-3 

172) Red Baron's Revenge-Delicatessen (Answer To "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron") Vocalion #9286/Crescendo #385 

173) Poiple Kishke Eater-Mickey Katz (Answer/Parody Of "Purple People Eater") Capitol #4037 

174) C.B. Savage-Rod Hart (Answer To "Convoy") Plantation #144 

175) Purple Herring Fresser-Lee Tully (Answer/Parody Of "Purple People Eater") MGM #12692 

176) Polka Dotted Polywampus-Clint Miller (Answer/Parody Of "Purple People Eater") ABC Paramount #9938 

177) El Pizza-Dudley (Answer/Parody Of "El Paso") Arvee #587 

178) Herring Boats-Mickey Katz (Answer/Parody Of "Shrimp Boats") Capitol #1961 

179) Small Sad Sam-Phil McLean (Answr/Parody Of "Big Bad John") Versatile #107 

180) Crazy Downtown-Allan Sherman (Answer/Parody Of "Downtown") Warner Bros. #5614 

181) Oh! Ho! Ho! Mr. Shuster-Moe Nudnik (Answer/Parody Of "Mr. Custer") Personality #3501 

182) Runnin' Bare-Jim Nesbitt (Answer/Parody Of "Running Bear") Chart #5052 

183) Vanna Pick Me A Letter-Dr. Dave (Answer/Parody Of "The Letter") TSR #116 

184) On Top Of Spaghetti-Tom Glazer..(Answer/Parody Of "On Top Of Old Smokey") Kapp #526 

185) Ballad Of Ole Svenson-Yogi Yorgessen (Answer/Parody Of "Ballad Of Davey Crockett") Capitol # 3089 

186) Yogi Man's Bikini-Bill Hershey & The Almonds (Answer/Parody Of "Yogi") Gulf #027 

187) The Yellow Rose Of Osaka-Harry Kari (Answer/Parody Of "Yellow Rose Of texas") Capitol #3257 

188) Pancho Lopez-Lalo Guerrero (Answer/Parody Of "Ballad Of Davy Crockett") Real #1301 

189) Yokohama Mama-Harry Kari (Answer/Parody Of "Molly Malone") Capitol #2392 

190) Seventeen Tons-Sammy Shore (Answer/Parody Of "Sixteen Tons") X #0187 

191) Enormity In Motion-Simon Crum (Answer/parody of "Poetry In Motion") Capitol #4499 

192) Knock Down The Door-Takeoffs (Answer/Parody Of "Lets Lock The Door") Ford #142 

193) You're A Doity Dog-Mickey Katz (Answer/Parody Of "Hound Dog") Capitol #3607 

194) Big Bruce-Steve Greenberg (Answer/Parody Of "Big Bad John") Trip #3000 

195) Cholley-Oop-Hong Kong White Sox (Answer/Parody Of "Alley Oop") Trans World #6906 

195) Big Mouth Bill-Phil McLean (Answer/Parody Of "Big Bad John") Versatile #108 

196) I Can Never Eat Home Anymore-Detergents (Answer/Parody Of "I Can Never Go Home Anymore") Kapp #735 

197) Tijuana Border-El Clod (Answer/Parody Of "Wolverton Mountain") Challenge #9159 

198) Gringo-El Clod (Answer/Parody of "Ringo") Vee Jay #647 

199) Little Bad Dan-Don Bowman (Answer/Parody Of "Big Bad John") GNP #170 

200) Noshville Katz-Lovin' Cohens (Answer/Parody Of "Nashville Cats") MGM #13700 

201) Breaking Up Is Hard On You-American Comedy (Answer/Parody Of "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do") Critique #704 

202) Take Your Oil And Shove It-Bobby B. Baker (Answer/Parody Of "Take This Job And Shove It") Stem Seeds #7001 

203) Marty Feldman Eyes-Bruce Baum (Answer/Parody of "Bette davis Eyes") Horn #11 

204) Father Of A Boy Named Sue-Bird & McDonald (Answer/Parody of "A Boy Named Sue") HDM #201 

205) The Telephone-Stan Boreson (Answer/Parody of "Honeycomb") Kapp #198 

206) Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own-Ann King (Answer To "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag") End #1126 

207) Daddy's Home But Momma's Gone-Monotones (Answer To "Daddy's Home") Hull #743 

208) Grayson Goofed-Waldo, Dudley, and Dora (Answer To "Tom Dooley") Awful # PU-1 

209) Dance With Me George-Bobbettes (Answer To "Dance With Me Henry") Triple X #106 

210) Speedo Is Back-Cadillacs (Answer To "Speedo") Josie #836 

211) I Wanna Be The Leader-Marcels (Answer To "Mr. Bass Man") Colpix #687 

212) Who Can Explain-Frankie Lymon (Answer To "Why Do Fools Fall In Love") Gee #1018 

213) Stagger Lawrence-Spencer & Spencer (Answer/Parody Of "Stagger Lee") Gone 

214) I Thought About Living-Tommy Hawk (Answer To "Let's Think About Living") Rita #1014 

215) I Wish I Had A Job To Shove-Rodney Lay (Answer To "Take This Job And Shove It") Churchill #94005 

216) Reading The Book Of Love-Monotones (Answer To "Book Of Love") Hull #735 

217) I Can't Stand Tears At A Party-Kenny Chandler (Answer To "It's My Party") Laurie #3181 

218) Leader Of The Laundromat-Detergents (Answer To "Leader Of The Pack") Roulette #4590 

219) Tie Me Surfer Board Down Sport-Travelers (Answer/Parody Of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport") Gass #1000 

220) Tie My Hunting Dog Down Jed-Arthur Smith (Answer/Parody Of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport") Starday #642 

221) The Ballad Of Irving-Frank Gallop (Answer/Parody Of "Ringo") Kapp #745 

222) Battle Of Kookamonga-Homer & Jethro (Answer/Parody Of "Battle Of New Orleans") RCA #7585 

223) My Big John-Dottie West (Answer To "Big Bad John") Starday #574 

224) One Piece Bathing Suit-Neil Scott (Answer To "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie..") Herald #581 

225) Son Of Old Rivers-Tony, Bob, and Jimmy (The Lettermen) (Answer To "Old Rivers" Capitol #4760 

226) Ocean City Girls-Cagle & Klender (Answer To "California Girls") Klenco #8509 

227) Masked Grandma-California Suns (Answer To "Little Old Lady From Pasadena") Imperial #66179 

228) Down By The Sea-Margo White (Answer To "Sea Of Love") Khoury's #729 

229) Where Is This Magic Town-Bottomely Twins (Answer To "Magic Town") Raynard #1108 

230) Sailor Boy-Maxine Starr (Answer To "Soldier Boy") New Hits #3011 

231) He'll Have To Stay-Jeanne Black (Answer To "He'll Have To Go") Capitol #4368 

232) Not Just Tomorrow, But Always-Bertel Dache (Answer To "Will You Love Me Tomorrow") United Artists #290 

233) Queen Of The House-Jody Miller (Answer To "King Of The Road") Capitol #5402 

234) (Gary, Please Don't Sell) My Diamond Ring-Wendy Hill (Answer To "This Diamond Ring") Liberty #55771 

235) You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby-Sammi Lynn (Answer To "Take Good Care Of My Baby") Sue #752 

236) I'll Believe It When I See It-The Sierras (Answer To "Easier Said Than Done") Goldisc #4 

237) Tell Tommy I Miss Him-Marilyn Michaels (Answer To "Tell Laura I Love Her") RCA #7771 

238) Long As The Rose Is Red-Florraine Darlin (Answer To "Roses Are Red") Epic #9529 

239) Son-In-Law-The Blossoms (Answer To "Mother-In-Law") Challenge #9109 

240) Well, I Told You-The Chantels (Answer To "Hit The Road Jack") Carlton #564 

241) I'll Just Walk On By-Margie Singleton (Answer To "Walk On By") Mercury #71928 

242) Duchess Of Earl-The Pearlettes (Answer To "Duke Of Earl") Vee Jay #435 

243) I Don't Like It Like That-The Bobbettes (Answer To "I Like It Like That") Gone #5112 

244) Chain Gang-Sound Of My Man-Theola Kilgore (Answer To "Chain Gang") Candix #311 

245) You Don't Have To Be A Tower Of Strength-Gloria Lynne (Answer To "Tower Of Strength") Everest #19428 

246) I'm No Runaround-Ginger Davis & The Snaps (Answer To "Runaround Sue") Swan #4090 

247) Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight-Dodie Stevens (Answer To "Are You Lonesome Tonight") Dot 

248) I'll Be There-Damita Jo (Answer To "Stand By Me) Mercury #71840 

249) Don't Let Him Shop Around-Debbie Dean (Answer To "Shop Around") Motown #1007 

250) Jerry (I'm Your Sherry)-Tracey Dey (Answer To "Sherry") Vee Jay #467 

251) I'll Bring It On Home To You-Carla Thomas (Answer To "Bring It On Home To Me") Atlantic #2163 

252) They Took You Away-I'm Glad I'm Glad-Josephine (Answer To "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha..) Valiant 

253) When A Woman Loves A Man-Esther Phillips (Answer To "When A Man Loves A Woman") Atlantic 

254) Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello-Gerri Granger (Answer To "Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello") Big Top #3150 

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